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The World of Dinosaurs, Minerals, Solar System and others

Want to live close to nature and research or admire the wonders of evolution and learning? The visit to the Berlin Museum of Natural Sciences creates a very special experience in which the man meets up with nature, art and research.

With approximately 6,600 square feet of exhibition space, the Museum of Natural History in Berlin offers visitors since 1889 the approach to work fascinating, amazing and unique, documenting the origin of life and the diversity and beauty of nature. Along with exhibitions that change and offer us the chance to admire works fascinating, amazing and unique about the origin of life and the diversity and beauty of nature, there are permanent exhibitions on topics such as dinosaurs, fossils, incarnation, the Earth system and so much more. The museum has the largest library of works on zoology and paleontology throughout Germany, with the scientific literature dealing with these issues dating back to beyond the fifteenth century. A large cafeteria and a shop round the Museum of Natural Sciences are also there for the visitors. If you are visiting Berlin, we recommend you to take the chance to discover the Museum of Natural Sciences. A day of fun and fascination for all ages is guaranteed.

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  • Massa Gallerano

    Don't forget the free audio guide at the entrance of dinosaurs room.

  • Антонова

    Динозавры!!!! Пы.сы. В отелях часто есть флаеры - минус 2 евро с билета

  • Richard

    Besonders gut hat mir die Sonderausstellung zu den Fliegen gefallen! Hier darf man aktiv werden und selber untersuchen oder anfassen! Die Dauerausstellung hätte genauso interaktiv sein dürfen!

  • Frudelles

    Audio guide gratuito. Sala dos dinossauros super interativa. Não deixe de ver o filme no teto sentado no sofá redondo!

  • Bolkenstijn

    They have the biggest dinosaur in the world.

  • Peter P.

    Meiner Meinung nach Museum und Erlebnisparcours in einem! Prähistorische und gegenwärtige Tierexponate, eine mineralogische Sammlung, audiovisuelle...

  • Juha R.

    This is one of the best natural history museums I have ever been to. In the main hall there is a huge dinosaur skeleton which is really cool. And the room...

  • Z

    Definitely worth visiting because of the dinosaurs and the 'Fly' (Fliegen) exhibition. Bring your student ISIC card for a entry discount (3.50 €). Some exhibitions though are only available in German.

  • Salvaterra

    The dinosaur room is amazing. In the wet room, try not to drink anything.

  • Maligne

    Großes Naturkundemuseum mit vielen Exponaten und Präparaten. Es gab dort auch eine interessante zeitlich begrenzte Fliegenaustellung.